Everything You Should Know About Faulty Braking Systems

Your vehicle should give you some feedback when you step on the brake pedal. Typically, you will feel the car push back on the pedal when you press it down, and the force on your foot is what brings the car to a stop. However, when your vehicle has a problem with the braking system, you might feel like you have stepped onto a sponge instead. If this is the case, here is everything you should know about the causes of springy brakes and how to resolve the problem. Read More 

4 Potential Causes Of Windshield Damage

The windshield is an important safety feature in vehicles. It protects you from wind, dirt, and other harmful elements. In addition, the windshield provides a clear view of the road when driving. However, the windshield is also prone to damage due to numerous factors. Discover some potential causes of windshield damage and what to do. 1. Debris on the Road Driving off-road puts the windshield at risk of rock chips. Rocks and debris can quickly dislodge and fly into the windshield at high speeds. Read More 

Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Car’s Windshield

Your car's windshield can protect you from outside forces when driving. It can absorb most of the impact better when correctly installed and maintained. It would be best to consider various factors when choosing between repairing and replacing the windshield. The location, depth, and size of a crack or chip in the glass can help determine the best solution. Signs You Need to Repair the Windshield If the chip is less than 1 inch in length or the crack is less than 12 inches in length, you can have the windshield repaired. Read More 

Getting Bad Gas Mileage? Three Ways You Can Attempt To Solve The Problem On Your Own

The cost of gas is high, so you may be paying more attention to how much gas your car uses and how many miles you get when you fill up their car. If you notice that you are getting fewer miles per gallon than normal, there may be many reasons why. You may be idling in drive-thrus or parking lots more, using the air conditioner more frequently, or you may be driving on city streets rather than the freeway more than normal. Read More 

Repair Strategies For A Leaking Automatic Transmission

The reason why an automatic transmission is able to avoid friction and overheating is because it's properly lubricated with fluid. If you see that this fluid is leaking out, then these repair tips are important to go over before you ultimately take action. Find a Way to Easily Access Transmission The first part of fixing a leaking automatic transmission is inspecting it from top to bottom. It's important to find a way to make this component easy to access because then, you can be more thorough and safe when performing an inspection. Read More