When To Have Your Brakes Repalced

You want to stay on top of your car's routine maintenance, as well as any and all repair issues that come up along the way. If your car isn't in prime working condition, then it can put you at risk in a number of ways. You can find yourself broken down away from home, and you may even have a much greater risk of being involved in an accident. One of the critical areas of concern you don't want to slack on when it comes to your car is its braking system. Read More 

Common Tire Care Mistakes

Mistakes with the tires of your vehicle can pose a major safety issue since they can result in the vehicle becoming far more difficult to handle. In extreme cases, some common mistakes with tires may lead to a sudden failure that could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle. Failing To Recognize Balance Problems With The Tires Over the course of time, the tires on your vehicle will start to develop imbalances. Read More 

Engine Efficiency, Dyno Tuning, and Airflow – How Do They Relate?

If you bring your car to a dyno tuner, you're probably looking to unlock as much power as possible from your engine modifications. Dyno tuning is an excellent way to release this potential, but do you know what the tuner is doing once they put your car onto the platform? Tuning involves several complex steps, but a surprising amount of it comes down to one thing: maximizing airflow efficiency. The Importance of Airflow Read More 

3 Ways You Can Tell When Your Car’s Driveshaft Is Failing

The drivetrain system on your car is what powers you on the road. And the driveshaft is what converts the rotation of your vehicle's engine and its torque into the motion of the motor vehicle when you shift. If it is working efficiently, getting into drive and maneuvering your car is easy. But when the system has a problem, shifting also becomes problematic. Cars have different types of drivetrains, with the most common ones being the rear-wheel-drive, the all-wheel-drive as well as the front-wheel-drive. Read More 

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Regular Oil Change

One of the crucial aspects of effective car care is seeking timely car oil change service. Your vehicle's engine is comprised of hundreds of moving parts. Your oil is responsible for keeping the different parts lubricated, minimizing the chances of wear and tear of critical internal components. However, after prolonged use, your car's engine oil will become dirty due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. For better engine performance, consider changing your oil regularly. Read More