3 Factors To Consider When Buying New Truck Tires

A set of new truck tires provides a variety of benefits, such as: Improved grip or traction on the road Better comfort while driving Better acceleration without skidding  But the experience you get from new truck tires dramatically depends on the type of tires you buy. It is advisable to be diligent when shopping for new truck tires. Purchasing quality truck tires ensures that they will last you for a long time before you have to replace them. Read More 

What To Do When You Discover That Your Brakes Are Leaking

One of the worst defects you can encounter in your car is a brake that doesn't slow your car down the way much as it should. Perhaps you press your foot on the brake only for the car to continue to move forward at a diminishing pace until it finally comes to a stop. In an emergency, you might even end up in an accident. If you notice fluid underneath your car, the brakes might not be working well enough because of a brake fluid leak. Read More 

When To Have Your Brakes Repalced

You want to stay on top of your car's routine maintenance, as well as any and all repair issues that come up along the way. If your car isn't in prime working condition, then it can put you at risk in a number of ways. You can find yourself broken down away from home, and you may even have a much greater risk of being involved in an accident. One of the critical areas of concern you don't want to slack on when it comes to your car is its braking system. Read More 

Common Tire Care Mistakes

Mistakes with the tires of your vehicle can pose a major safety issue since they can result in the vehicle becoming far more difficult to handle. In extreme cases, some common mistakes with tires may lead to a sudden failure that could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle. Failing To Recognize Balance Problems With The Tires Over the course of time, the tires on your vehicle will start to develop imbalances. Read More 

Engine Efficiency, Dyno Tuning, and Airflow – How Do They Relate?

If you bring your car to a dyno tuner, you're probably looking to unlock as much power as possible from your engine modifications. Dyno tuning is an excellent way to release this potential, but do you know what the tuner is doing once they put your car onto the platform? Tuning involves several complex steps, but a surprising amount of it comes down to one thing: maximizing airflow efficiency. The Importance of Airflow Read More