Important Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire A Valet Parking Management Service

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to hire a valet parking management service. You may be hosting a wedding or corporate event in an area that does not have a lot of accessible parking. Or you may be holding a large birthday party or baby shower at your home and you want to ensure your guests can easily park their vehicle without disturbing your neighbors. A valet parking service can park cars for your guests. Most people to know to ask about pricing when hiring this type of service, but there are a few other questions to ask. Here are some of those questions. 

Is Your Company Insured? 

One of the most important questions to ask is whether the valet parking management service is insured. If there is an accident with a vehicle they are moving, you want to ensure they have the right insurance coverage to pay for that damage. 

Do You Do a Background Check on All Employees? 

Another important question to ask a valet parking service is whether they perform a background check on all of their employees and what their background check consists of. Does it include a driving records check and a criminal background check, or only one or the other? Also, don't be afraid to ask if they drug test employees and which drugs they test their employees for. 

How Do Employees Track Cars and Owners? 

Different valet parking management services use different methods to track cars and owners. Most give the owner a ticket that they must present to the valet service at the end of the night. That ticket number is attached to the key, helping to identify who owns what car. Always ask what methods they use to help ensure the right cars go to the right owners. 

What Is an Acceptable Drop-Off and Pick-Up Time Frame? 

Finally, be sure to ask the valet parking management service what they consider to be an acceptable drop-off and pick-up time frame for your guests. You do not want your guests to have to wait 30 minutes to drop off their vehicle before the event or to get their car back at the end of the night. Most companies have time frames they try to stick to, so ask what those are. 

Asking the right questions is important, as it helps you to learn the differences among the various valet parking management services and find the company that is ideal for your event. Reach out to multiple valet parking companies today and ask these questions to select the company that you want to hire for your upcoming event.