Tips To Help You Care For And Protect Your Diesel Engine Vehicle

A diesel engine, whether it is in a truck, car, van, or semi, will provide you with a greater source of power. But a diesel engine has different requirements than a gasoline-powered engine. Here are some tips to help you take proper care of your vehicle's diesel engine.

Watch the Temperature

When the temperature outside falls to freezing and below, you need to take some extra care to protect your diesel engine. Your diesel engine is built differently than a regular engine that runs on gasoline, and it needs appropriate lubrication for all the internal parts to move properly. The oil inside your vehicle gets thicker during cold temperatures and cannot reach all the internal parts of the engine to lubricate them. This fact, along with the cold weather making the parts difficult to move and get started, can put extra stress and wear on your engine parts.

Keep an eye on the temperature, especially at night when it can fall to more extreme temperatures. When your vehicle is going to be exposed directly to the outdoor elements, take precautions to keep the engine warm. The diesel fuel inside your vehicle can thicken and gel when the temperature freezes

Protect the Engine

Plug in the engine block heater and warm it overnight or at least a couple hours before you start the diesel engine. Starting your engine in cold weather before it has warmed up can cause gelled fuel to clog the fuel filter and its injectors. Then, when there is any small amount of water condensation in the diesel fuel, it can freeze, and these ice crystals will clog the fuel filter. Eventually, these occurrences will cause your engine to stop running.

Also, use the glow plugs if your diesel has them. These glow plugs will help ignite the cold fuel immediately inside the engine to get the motor running. A diesel engine starting in cold weather has to work many times harder than a gasoline engine does to start in the same temperature.

If you have a garage, shed, or other outdoor building to protect your diesel in during the winter, use it whenever possible. Although the air temperatures inside a garage or shed will only be a few degrees warmer than the outdoor air, the slight increase will provide your diesel a much smoother start. And this will keep your diesel engine away from snow and ice that can be readily present in an outdoor environment.

To learn more, contact an auto place that deals with diesel engines.