Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Car’s Windshield

Your car's windshield can protect you from outside forces when driving. It can absorb most of the impact better when correctly installed and maintained.

It would be best to consider various factors when choosing between repairing and replacing the windshield. The location, depth, and size of a crack or chip in the glass can help determine the best solution.

Signs You Need to Repair the Windshield

If the chip is less than 1 inch in length or the crack is less than 12 inches in length, you can have the windshield repaired. You may also hire a windshield repair expert if only the outer layer suffers damage and the chip or crack is far from the outer glass margin. The technician will assess whether or not the glass needs repair or replacement.

Signs You Need to Replace the Windshield

You should replace the windshield if it incurs damage to the point that you cannot see when driving. Do the same if the chip is more than 3 inches and the crack is more than 14 inches long. A replacement is also necessary when the inner glass layer breaks and the damage spreads to the edge or corner of the windshield.

Advantages of Repairing the Glass

Hiring a windshield repair technician to fix the crack can stop it from spreading. It will take the technician a few minutes to do the job. 

The repair job (which most auto insurers favor) is less costly than getting a windshield replacement. A well-repaired windshield improves visibility and can last a long time. 

Advantages of Replacing the Glass

Replacing the windshield will require more time and additional costs. But, when properly done, it can restore your car's integrity, especially if you were in a crash. If you install a new windshield, you will enjoy good visibility and safety when driving the vehicle.

Repairing Vs. Replacing: The Bottom Line

Overall, consider factors such as safety, visibility, depth, and damage position as you decide whether to repair or replace the glass. Regarding safety, you should not drive around with a severely damaged windshield. Repair it if the damage is minor and replace it if the damage is severe.

Consequently, replace the windshield if the damage impairs your ability to see clearly. Do the same when the damage goes beyond the inner layer, even if the outer layer remains intact. And for a crack or chip that is far from the frame, a windshield repair expert can help.

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