Repair Strategies For A Leaking Automatic Transmission

The reason why an automatic transmission is able to avoid friction and overheating is because it's properly lubricated with fluid. If you see that this fluid is leaking out, then these repair tips are important to go over before you ultimately take action.

Find a Way to Easily Access Transmission

The first part of fixing a leaking automatic transmission is inspecting it from top to bottom. It's important to find a way to make this component easy to access because then, you can be more thorough and safe when performing an inspection. 

Probably the best thing you could do is jack up the vehicle enough to where you can easily get underneath and see the transmission completely. Then you can scan every inch of the transmission, seeing where fluid is coming from and that's key for repairing the right part. 

Drain the Fluid

Once you see where fluid is leaking around the transmission, you'll want to completely drain this substance before starting a repair. This way, you don't have to worry about just wasting this substance or creating a dirty work environment.

You'll just need to get a drain pan and place it underneath the reservoir where transmission fluid will come out. Once you unscrew the cap, fluid will rush out and collect in this pan. Then once it's all out, you can start planning your repair around the problematic area.

Check Particular Components

With a transmission, there are only so many places where fluid can leak out. That's great news for you because it will make your inspection a lot easier to complete. Some of these systems to check on first include the seals, lines, and gasket.

If you don't know what these components look like, you can always research them online and then have less trouble picking them out on your own vehicle's transmission.

Then you just need to determine if you can see any fluid leaking out around these parts. If you do, make a note of this and make sure your repairs reflect this part of the transmission. Then you can keep fluid from leaking out after you repair or replace these parts.

If you have an automatic transmission that suddenly starts leaking fluid, you need to stop driving your vehicle and inspect this part carefully. Then you can focus on the right parts and plan effective repairs, saving you from dealing with transmission issues later on. 

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