3 Factors To Consider When Buying New Truck Tires

A set of new truck tires provides a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Improved grip or traction on the road
  • Better comfort while driving
  • Better acceleration without skidding 

But the experience you get from new truck tires dramatically depends on the type of tires you buy. It is advisable to be diligent when shopping for new truck tires. Purchasing quality truck tires ensures that they will last you for a long time before you have to replace them.

Here are three factors you need to consider when buying new truck tires. 

1. Weather and Climate

Have you noticed that your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMs) always goes off when the seasons are about to change? If you have, it is because weather and climate changes affect your tire pressure. 

For instance, during the hot summer months, the air in your tires expands, thus enlarging your tires. Whereas during the cold winter months, the air in the tires condenses and makes your tires look slightly deflated. 

Thus, you must consider the current or next weather season when buying new truck tires. There are different types of truck tires designed for extreme climates and weather. 

However, changing tires every three months as the seasons change can be expensive. Thus, buying all-weather truck tires that can handle all weather is advisable. 

2. Driving Terrains 

Depending on where you live, you may not always have access to smooth all-weather roads. As a result, you may have to veer off-road from time to time. Furthermore, weather conditions can also affect terrains. For instance, when it snows heavily, ice covers the roads making them slippery to drive on. 

But, there are varieties of tires designed for different driving terrains. For instance, if you live in remote areas where access roads are scarce, you must invest in off-road tires. The design of off-road tires includes:

  • Deeper treads for better grip and traction
  • More rigid rubber to prevent sharp rocks from piercing the tire 
  • Larger diameter for better ground clearance 

As for icy terrains, it is advisable to buy snow tires for your truck. Snow tires come incorporated with tiny spikes that enable your tires to gain traction on icy roads. Consequently, your truck will not skid or slide along the snowy terrain. 

3. Tire Life 

Different tires have varying levels of tire life. However, tire life is not expressed as a deadline but rather calculated in miles. Thus, tire life refers to how many miles a tire should cover before its treads wear out. 

All truck tires have their tire lives labeled on the packaging material. Thus, before buying any truck tires, check the tire life details. You should note that tires with a higher tire life cost more than those with lower tire life. 

However, buying the more expensive tires with a longer tire life is better because they will save you money in the long run. 

For more information on truck tires, contact a company near you.