What To Do When You Discover That Your Brakes Are Leaking

One of the worst defects you can encounter in your car is a brake that doesn't slow your car down the way much as it should. Perhaps you press your foot on the brake only for the car to continue to move forward at a diminishing pace until it finally comes to a stop. In an emergency, you might even end up in an accident. If you notice fluid underneath your car, the brakes might not be working well enough because of a brake fluid leak.

Why Some Brakes Leak

Hydraulic brakes rely on fluid to function. Whenever you press down on the brakes, the hydraulic fluid transfers pressure throughout the brake line to the braking mechanism for each of your tires.

When the hydraulic fluid leaks, this causes air bubbles to form, which disrupts the distribution of pressure. This causes problems when you try to stop your car as you press down on the brakes.

Signs That Your Brakes are Failing

A dashboard light indicator might turn on to let you know that your brakes are not functioning properly. Your brake pedal should feel soft and you should notice that something is wrong. For example, you might notice that your brake pedal goes too far down. Eventually, you will likely be completely unable to stop your car and will eventually end up in a car accident.

An auto brake repair technician will correct this problem by replacing the lost hydraulic fluid. However, before they can do this, they must first identify the location of the leak so they can fix it.

Why You Shouldn't Diagnose Your Brakes Yourself

You will not want to look for the leak yourself because there are various mechanical parts that could be responsible for the leak and you might not be familiar with a specific part. Auto brake repair technicians are specialized in diagnosing the location of a brake leak and performing the necessary repairs. 

What to Look for with an Auto Brake Technician

It's important to have your brakes repaired by a technician who uses certified brake parts and equipment. Your technician should also offer you a service warranty so you can have your brakes repaired for free if you discover anything wrong with them in the future.

You might be concerned about driving your car to the brake repair technician. In some cases, you can have the technicians come to your house to perform the repairs. If not, the next best option is to hire a tow truck so your car can be safely taken to an auto brake repair shop.