Common Tire Care Mistakes

Mistakes with the tires of your vehicle can pose a major safety issue since they can result in the vehicle becoming far more difficult to handle. In extreme cases, some common mistakes with tires may lead to a sudden failure that could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Failing To Recognize Balance Problems With The Tires

Over the course of time, the tires on your vehicle will start to develop imbalances. These issues can make the car much harder to control because the weight of the car will not be evenly distributed. While this can be a problem that can make your vehicle hard to control, there are warning signs that may alert you when balance issues are starting to develop with your tires. A particularly noticeable issue that balance problems could cause is the vehicle vibrating and rattling when it is traveling at high speeds. Also, the vehicle may start to pull to one side or the other. These problems can rapidly worsen, and this can greatly increase the chances that you are involved in an accident.

Not Patching Slow Air Leaks In The Tires

A slow air leak in your car's tires can be one of the most common issues that you will have to address. In many instances, these air leaks may be slow enough that a person can be tempted to fail to have the tire repaired or replaced. For example, this problem may only require more air to be added to the tire once every week or two when it first starts to develop. However, the puncture that is allowing air to escape from inside the tire will increase in size over time, which can cause the rate of air loss to substantially increase. Eventually, the tire may suffer an explosive air loss, which could lead to the driver losing control. In many cases, these issues can be repaired by patching the tire, but this is only possible if the puncture is fairly small.

Only Having A Temporary Spare Tire

A spare tire can be instrumental when you have encountered a tire failure. Unfortunately, many drivers will only carry a temporary spare in their vehicle, and this can pose some significant limitations when the driver needs to use the spare. A temporary spare may only be suitable for a very limited distance and relatively low speeds. In contrast, carrying a full spare with you can enable you to fully restore your car's performance when it encounters a major tire failure.

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