Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Regular Oil Change

One of the crucial aspects of effective car care is seeking timely car oil change service. Your vehicle's engine is comprised of hundreds of moving parts. Your oil is responsible for keeping the different parts lubricated, minimizing the chances of wear and tear of critical internal components. However, after prolonged use, your car's engine oil will become dirty due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. For better engine performance, consider changing your oil regularly. Here's a detailed review of why a regular oil change is necessary.

1. The Efficiency of Your Engine Will Improve Significantly

When you put oil in your car, it circulates to different parts of the engine, and in the process, it carries dirt and other contaminants. This eventually leads to sludge formation in different parts of the engine. Understand that dirty oil is a common problem for people living in dry and dusty areas because more particles will make their way to the engine oil. By seeking oil change service in the right periods, you'll see a significant improvement in your engine performance. This is because it helps to remove the harmful dirt and debris from your engine before it causes any damage.

2. Your Car Will Produce Less Harmful Emission 

When you go for an emission test, technicians will evaluate your car based on the number of pollutants it releases into the atmosphere. By failing to seek regular oil change service, your oil will become dirty, causing hydrocarbons to form in your engine's crankcase. Over time, the hydrocarbons will burn up, and more will be released into the atmosphere through your vehicle's exhaust. When you maintain a timely oil change schedule, you'll pass your vehicle's emission test, which translates to less air pollution.

3. You'll Have Better Fuel Economy

Your car will have better fuel efficiency when you change your oil regularly. The fuel your car uses to travel a specific distance is impacted by factors like the terrain your car passes through and the frequency of maintenance, such as oil changes. If your engine is well lubricated, you can cover more ground with less effort, guaranteeing better fuel economy. Remember that when you don't follow the proper oil change service, your engine will work against the force of friction, impacting your engine performance and your car's fuel efficiency.

Seeking regular oil change service will keep your vehicle in top performance by preventing wear and tear of crucial internal components. With the points highlighted in this guide, you now understand why it's necessary to take the initiative to change your oil frequently.