What You Need To Know When Picking Custom Wheels For Your Vehicle

When considering replacing the wheels on your vehicle with a custom set, there are some things you need to know before you make a purchase. Often replacing the tires at the same time is a good option, and in many cases, the new wheels may change the tire size, so your old tires may not fit the new wheels.

Selecting Custom Wheels

Custom auto wheels come in many styles and designs, so choosing one can be challenging. A wheel and tire shop will have many styles in stock for you to look at, and often they will have a catalog that contains more designs. In some cases, the wheel designs can be pretty intricate, and some are very expensive, so choosing one that looks great on your car and fits your budget is vital.

Custom auto wheels are made from several materials, including steel, aluminum, and some alloys, but many finishes can be selected on the base wheels. If you want a gold-tone, often powder-coated wheels will offer the look of gold on a wheel that is stronger and less expensive to produce. If painted wheels or chrome are more your style, you can get those as well, and some wheel manufacturers produce colored chrome, so you may be able to buy a red chrome wheel and get the best of both worlds. 

The custom auto wheel dealer or shop can go over the sizes and designs to help determine what will fit your vehicle and order the specific custom wheels you choose. Once the wheels arrive, they can install them on your vehicle.

Wheel Accessories

When buying custom auto wheels, you may need to purchase some accessories to complete the installation. For instance, a new chrome or colored wheel may require chrome or colored lug nuts. Most wheels do not come with lug nuts, so you will need to order those at the same time to ensure that you are prepared when it is time to install the wheels. 

Often the steel lug nuts that came from the factory are not the right shape and will not hold the new wheels securely. Further, they may not look good on a new chrome wheel. The wheel manufacturer can recommend a lug nut style that will fit the wheel perfectly, so talk with the wheel shop about your options to complete the package. In most cases, you need four sets, and they can be pricey, so planning for that added expense is essential. 

If the custom auto wheels require center caps to cover the wheel hubs, you may also need to buy those separately, so talk with the wheel shop to ensure that you get everything you need to install the wheels when they arrive. To learn more, contact a company like Lavish Motoring.