Does Your Vehicle Have A Diesel Engine? 4 Common Problems And Possible Fixes

Diesel engines experience some problems, just like all other engine types. As a vehicle owner, you should always be on the lookout for indicators of engine trouble. Contact a professional mechanic as soon as you notice any signs of trouble, as they will help you resolve it. Here are the four common engine problems and their possible solutions. 

Black Fumes From the Exhaust

Diesel engines have improved their efficiency a lot in the past few decades. The current models do not release as much exhaust gases into the environment as they did before. If your truck suddenly starts releasing too much black smoke into the air, consider having the engine checked. Often, this happens when there is an imbalance between the air and fuel mixture. The auto mechanic will assess parts of the car responsible for creating this balance. They will determine how to restore the air and gasoline ratio so that the vehicle can run effectively. 

Unusual Noises

Another indicator that you need to check the condition of your car is strange noises emanating from the engine. Diesel engines typically make more noise than their gasoline counterparts. However, some noise levels might indicate that your fuel system has an issue. Auto mechanics often solve this problem by cleaning and removing clogs from the fuel injection system. They will also troubleshoot and fix any other weakness that could be causing the loud noises. 

Hard-Starting Engine

A hard-starting engine results from issues in the fuel delivery system. It could also be the result of low engine compression. The advantage of diesel is that you need a smaller amount of fuel to get the engine started. However, if your vehicle has a problem with the fuel injection system, it will have a more challenging time starting than it usually does. 

Oil Oxidation

Oxidation is another common issue with the engine. If a leak happens in the engine system, it will introduce air into the oil. Oxidized oil creates ugly black smoke because it takes oxygen into the combustion chamber. Oil oxidation can also lead to leaks. The only way to resolve this issue is by repairing the leak in the system. An auto mechanic can seal the leak for you, which will fix the problem.

You should have a professional inspect your diesel engine and ensure it functions properly at all times. They will assess your car and determine the cause of the black smoke before finding a way to resolve it.

For more information, contact a diesel repair service in your area.