What’s Next After Damaging Your Vehicle In An Accident?

Getting involved in an accident is an unpleasant experience, especially if your vehicle gets damaged. If your insurance company does not compensate for the damage to your vehicle, you may consider junking or selling it. However, many auto body repair shops carry out various repair jobs to restore your car to a good working condition. Before you despair and give up, it would be wise to visit one of these shops and find out how they can salvage your vehicle. You might be surprised at how quickly they can do these repairs at a reasonable price. The following are some of the services you can expect from an auto body repair shop to salvage your vehicle:

Replace Damaged Body Panels

After an accident, your vehicle's body panels may have dents of varying sizes depending on the impact that caused the damage. Some dents are easy to fix because they don't have paint damage and are not chipped. However, some dents cause extensive damage to the body panels, and you may have to replace them completely. An auto body repair shop can find these parts, buff them, and paint them to match perfectly with the rest of the vehicle. This process may take longer than you anticipate depending on how rare your vehicle parts are to find. Still, an experienced auto body repair shop can quickly find replacement parts for most vehicle models.    

Straighten the Vehicle's Frame

Your vehicle's body frame may bend depending on the magnitude of the impact. At first, you may not notice, but your vehicle will suffer further damage and cause safety issues when driving without repairs to its frame. For example, the car may skew even with the steering wheel pointed straight forward, compromising other road users' safety. Many vehicle owners do not seek frame-straightening services because they assume it is costlier than buying a new car; nothing could be further from the truth. An auto repair shop with specialized equipment and staffing can do it at a reasonable price.   

Repair Collision Damage

A collision is among the most damaging types of accidents that drivers dread. Apart from causing serious injuries to the driver, it damages the vehicle extensively, requiring high-quality repairs to get it moving again. When your vehicle collides with an obstacle, the damage goes through the entire car, destroying other crucial internal parts and drivetrain pieces. However, not all vehicles are considered a total loss after a collision, and a proper auto body repair can bring it back to the road as soon as possible.