How To Tell If You Have A Power Steering Fluid Issue

Your vehicle's power steering system helps make it easier to turn your vehicle.  However, it relies on power steering fluid for it to work. It's possible that your vehicle will develop a leak in the power steering system and end up requiring a repair. That's why it helps to know the signs that your power steering is lacking the fluid it needs.

You Have Difficulty Moving the Steering Wheel

If you notice that there are problems with turning your steering wheel, this is a huge problem that you should have addressed as soon as possible. You may notice a gradual decline if the system has a small power steering fluid leak, or it may even just stop working as well very suddenly one day when enough fluid has left the system. 

You Notice the Steering Wheel is Loud

It is normal for your vehicle to be quiet when you are turning the steering wheel. However, not having enough power steering fluid in the system is going to lack the necessary lubrication that it needs. One of the first things that you may notice is that you are hearing loud noises when you turn the wheel. This is not normal and is likely due to having a lack of power steering fluid. When combined with a wheel that is difficult to move, you'll know for sure that you have a fluid leak.

You Hear a Squealing Noise When Turning

Have you ever noticed other cars on the road that make a loud squealing noise when they turn? This is also related to not having enough power steering fluid. What is happening is that the power steering system is trying to pump fluid through it as the vehicle is turning, but there is not enough fluid in there to work properly. It can result in that loud noise that you're likely familiar with.

You Notice the Steering Wheel Vibrates When Turning

There are many reasons why the steering wheel can vibrate. If it does it when braking, you know it is likely due to the brake system. Vibrating while turning is likely a power steering issue, but it can also be due to wheels that are out of alignment.

You Notice Leaking Fluid

Did you notice a puddle of fluid underneath your vehicle? If the liquid is red colored then it is likely power steering fluid. Now you know for sure you have a leak, and if you notice the other signs you can definitely attribute it to your power steering system needing auto repair