Paintless Dent Removal: Three Frequently Asked Questions About Paintless Car Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal (PDR) repairs various dents from a vehicle's panels without affecting the paintwork. Unlike conventional dent removal techniques, PDR utilizes high-tech equipment to tap out the dents, eliminating the need to incorporate filling and repaint the car as part of the dent removal process.

Additionally, due to eliminating the need to fill the dents and repaint the car, paintless dent removal is more time and cost-efficient than conventional dent removal techniques.

However, most motorists have yet to wrap their heads around the paintless dent removal process. Thus, here are three of the most common questions asked by motorists regarding paintless car dent removal.

How Does PDR Work?

The effectiveness of paintless dent removal heavily relies on metal memory. Metal memory is the tendency of a vehicle's metal panels to retain their fabricated form. Hence, even when a dent occurs on the car's body, the metal can still return to its original form when the dent gets tapped out.

Hence, PDR technicians use an assortment of tools such as tap downs, whale tails, pivot tips, knockdowns, and fender rods to push out the dented area from the inside part of the metal panels. Thus, it is essential first to remove the dented panel, so that a technician can use the different tools to tap out or push out the dented area.

Does PDR Work on All Types of Dents?

Paintless dent removal works on all types of dents, creases, and dings on the vehicle's body. However, dents, dings, and creases should not have caused damage to the paint, or the panel has not been chipped.

If there is damage to the paintwork or the metal panel is chipped, then paintless dent removal cannot fully repair the damage. Thus, in addition to PDR, your vehicle will need additional repairs to the paint and the metalwork. Hence, PDR only works when the paint and the metal panels have not been damaged or chipped, respectively.

How Long Does Paintless Dent Removal Take?

Paintless dent removal is very time efficient, and thus it is faster compared to other conventional dent removal techniques. However, how long the PDR process will take depends on the following factors.

• Accessibility of the Dent: PDR requires a technician to first gain access to the dented area from the inside of the vehicle. Thus, if the dented area is easily accessible by removing the panel, the PDR process will be quick. However, if a technician can't easily access the dented site, the process will take longer because they have to maneuver around the vehicle's frame to gain access.

• Size of the Dents: Small dents are usually easy to fix because they are more susceptible to metal memory when they get tapped out. However, larger dents are more resistant to metal memory, and thus it might take longer to remove them using paintless dent removal.

Hence, depending on the accessibility and severity of the dented area, a paintless dent removal process can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.