About Car Repossession And Repossession Towing

When a person purchases a car and they finance it, They are then under an obligation to make their payments each month. When they fall behind on those payments, the lender has the right to have possession of that vehicle. You can learn more about the repossession towing of vehicles here. 

No communication is bad

Once a borrower knows that they are going to be late with a payment, they should call the lender to let them know. In some cases, there may be some kind of plan they can work out. However, if the borrower doesn't call the lender, or doesn't pick up the phone when the lender calls them, then the lender will be even more likely to have the car repossessed as soon as the account becomes delinquent enough. In some cases, this can be after just 30 days of being late on the payment, and in other cases, it may be at the 90-day mark, depending on the contract. 

Repossession is legal

Even though car buyers are to read the contract before signing when getting financing to buy a car, there are still many people who are under the misconception that the repo person is in the wrong when they show up to tow the car. Some people will argue that the repo person has no right and in some cases, they may even try to call the police stating that someone is trying to steal their car. The fact remains that when a person defaults on their car loan, the lender has the right to take possession of the property and they will use a repo person to have the car located and to tow it. 

Repo people use many tactics to locate cars

Repo people are in the business of locating cars that are up for repo and towing them for the lender who will normally then put the cars up for auction to recoup some of the loss. Repo people are paid for each of the cars they locate and tow for the lenders, so they are good at finding them. They may start by driving by the property where the buyer resides, hoping the car is there and can be towed. If not, then they may keep an eye on that house, as well as the person's place of work. The repo person will also do some investigating to learn about any other addresses they may find the car at. When they are finally able to locate the car, they will immediately hook it up to their tow truck and tow it. They will not unhook the car at that point, no matter what the person tells them or offers them.