European Auto Repairs To Get Your Classic Import Back On The Road

If you have a classic European car, it is eventually going to need to have some repairs done. Sometimes, these repairs can be complicated because the parts like bolts are different. Some cars also have diesel engines, which is different than domestic models in North America. Therefore, you want to take your car to a specialized service for help with repairs. The following repair information will help you with these issues to get your classic import back on the road:

Issues With Old Diesel Fuel Injection

Old diesel fuel injection systems can have a lot of problems. This is due to the changes in technology, which have evolved, and the old injection systems are outdated. Therefore, one of the problems that you may have to deal with if your car is fuel injected is the fuel system. Some of the issues with old fuel injection systems that may need to be repaired include:

  • Fuel pumps that are outdated and failing
  • Damaged fuel lines
  • Bad injectors

The issues with the old fuel injection systems can cause poor engine performance and loss of power. Therefore, you want to have any issues with your car's fuel injection system checked out. You may want to upgrade the fuel system with a modern pump and injectors. This will usually solve the issues you may have with your car's fuel injection system.

Problems With Brake Systems

The brake system is another area where your car may need to have repairs done. This is often due to the old brake systems that don't have modern antilock systems. In addition to the repairs that may need to be done, you may also want to have the brakes updated. Ask about installing antilock brakes to make your car safer to drive.

Issues With European Control Modules

Your car also uses control modules, which control different mechanical systems. It controls components fuel pump and injectors. This is to ensure the cylinders get the right fuel mixture. These control units can easily be outdated and may need to be updated when doing repairs to your car. Today, there are options to update the control modules with aftermarket units to tune your car to maximize its performance.

Problems With Classic Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system of your classic car can also cause problems. Some of these issues are due to damage to the catalytic converter and mufflers, or it may be due to other issues. If your car has an older emissions control system, these can cause problems too. Therefore, some of the repairs that you may want to have done can include installing a custom exhaust system with updated emission controls.

The problems with European cars often require specialized repairs. Contact a BMW auto repair service for help repairing the problems with your classic car.