Inspections Your Vehicle Needs Before Your Next Road Trip

You get your car serviced on the regular, but more detailed inspections are needed when you go on long road trips. You can get your car inspected at your local auto service company, or you can ask your mechanic to give your car a more thorough service the next time you get your oil changed. Here are some inspections you should have done on your vehicle before your next road trip, even if you have recently had an oil change or tire rotation done.

Lamp inspection

A lamp inspection is to ensure all the lights on your vehicle are working as they should. A lamp inspection involves testing your brake lights, turn signals, headlights, taillights, and the interior lights of your vehicle. If a light is not working as it should or the lamp is burned out, your auto service technician will make repairs as necessary. Often, fuses are to blame for lights not working in a lamp inspection, or the lamps themselves are needing to be replaced.

During your lamp inspection, you can have your headlights adjusted for optimum visibility. Discuss this with your lamp inspection technician when you have your lights looked at.

Brake inspection

Your brakes should be in prime condition when you travel, so have your brakes checked before your trip. This includes checking the brake pads themselves for signs of wear, test-driving the vehicle using the brakes in a safe setting, and checking brake pressure to ensure the brakes don't need to be bled. If the brake fluid is low or needs to be filled, this can be done at the time of the brake inspection.

Fluid inspection

Your vehicle only operates as well as the fluids it has going to the engine and transmission. When you get an oil change, all fluids should be checked and filled, but if you have had some time go by between this service, or if you have noticed that there are fluids leaking from your vehicle, it's best to have an inspection done on all your fluids. Fluids can be changed as needed or filled to make your vehicle sound for operation again. If you have leaks in your vehicle, your auto service technician can replace lines and hoses as needed.

Your vehicle should be inspected thoroughly before every road trip, in addition to having the tires rotated and the vehicle served as normal. Your auto service technician will do your lamp inspection and other inspections to ensure your vehicle is operating as it should.

For more information about a lamp inspection or other auto services, contact a local auto shop.