Three Signs That Small Car Ding Needs An Auto Body Shop

An auto body shop is a special auto shop that specializes in the exterior aspects of your car. This is a company that takes care of the paint, dents, dings, and rust issues with your car. If you have a door that won't open or close or a hood that is loose, the auto body shop is where you go. Your services costs will vary depending on the work you have done and how much time is needed to repair an issue. For example, a small ding will be less expensive to repair than a larger dented area.

While a small car ding seems like no big deal and can happen at any time from a shopping cart, flyaway ball or another toy, or even by another car door, you should still have a ding attended to if it's showing any of the following three signs. Your auto body shop specialist will give you a quote for services.

Your ding is causing the paint to peel

Peeling paint is a big deal because the paint job on your car is about more than just keeping your vehicle pretty, it's about protecting the metal composition of your car from rusting. If you have exposed paint or the outer layer of the paint around a small ding is starting to peel away and expose the metal underneath, talk to your auto body shop specialist about pulling the dent out and doing a minor paint job on the affected area.

Your ding is causing the metal to rust

Rust will eat through metal until the metal is completely torn away and brittle. The only way to stop the progression of rust is to remove the affected area and treat what is left behind. A ding that is so severe it's exposing the metal and causing rust should be taken care of right away. The sooner you address rusting issues, the less expensive the repairs can be.

Your ding is making it harder to drive

Is the ding in an area where it makes it hard to use your car properly, like a ding near a door handle or a ding in the trunk area, preventing the trunk from opening? An annoying ding that makes it impossible to use your car wholly should be addressed so all the components of your car work again. Let your auto body shop technician know what bothers you about your car ding so they can address other malfunctions in your car's body as well.

For more information, reach out to a local auto body shop.