Transmission Repairs That Cars Need When Miles Are Harder And Shifting Is Rough

Just like other components of your car, transmissions can be affected by wear that can reduce performance. Therefore, there are eventually going to be repairs that need to be done when your car has more miles. Sometimes, problems with leaks, linkages, clutches, and flywheels can make shifting rough. The following transmission repairs will help you deal with the problems due to high mileage:

Blown seals that cause the transmission to leak fluid

The first problem that you want to look for with a high-mileage transmission is a blown seal. Blown transmission seals cause leaks that lead to other problems. There are many different signs of a blown transmission seal, which may include:

  • Reddish oil marks beneath your car
  • Low transmission fluid that needs to be topped off frequently
  • Dirty or blackish transmission fluid
  • Grime building up around the firewall and transmission

Look for these signs if your transmission is beginning to slip and cause problems. The problem may be due to a blown seal that needs to be replaced to stop leaks.

Bad clutch or linkage causing problems shifting gears

Another problem that can cause issues with your transmission is a bad clutch. When the clutch goes bad, it will be difficult to get your car into some gears, and there may be a burning smell. The clutch problems can also be more obvious when you engage the clutch, and the pedal feels loose. With automatic transmissions, similar problems happen with the linkage, which may need to be replaced when you are having trouble shifting gears.

Worn flywheel causing your transmission to slip when shifting

The flywheel is another important part of your transmission. It is what connects the transmission and changes the gears. When the flywheel is worn, it causes a lot of problems. These issues can be things like slipping and damage to some of the gears. Therefore, if you have a high mileage car and the transmission is slipping, you will want to have the flywheel checked.

Problems with the shifter and connections to your transmission

The shifter is another important component of your transmission that you need to consider. Problems with the shifter can cause issues with your transmission and shifting gears. These can often be simple problems that are easy to repair when you take your car to a transmission repair shop.

The transmission repairs now will help save you from more serious car troubles later. Contact a transmission repair service for help with these repairs when your car has more miles and shifts roughly.