4 Tips To Help Maintain Your Vehicle’s Tires

Nobody wants to replace their tires any sooner than they have to. That's why it's important to know how to maintain your vehicle's tires to get the most miles out of them before replacement is necessary.

Avoid Spinning Your Tires

Everyone has had that moment where you take off from a standstill too quickly and the tires spinning in place quickly before you take off. This is really bad for the health of your tires, since it is going to wear down the tread much faster from this behavior. While this is not always intentional, there are some ways to prevent it from happening. Always accelerate gradually from a standstill, and release the clutch slowly if you are driving a manual car. 

Avoid Hard Corners

When you go around a corner with your vehicle you are putting friction on the tires in order to do so. However, taking corners while going fast or turning too quickly is going to put more wear and tear on the edges of the tires. It will be much better for your tires if you slow down and make the turn gradually.

Inflate The Tires Properly

You may not be aware that the amount of air in the tires plays a big role in how long the tread lasts. Tires are designed for a certain portion of the tire to be touching the ground and having tires that are underinflated or overinflated are going to change how much of the surface area touches. An underinflated tire is going to have more surface area touching and wear out the portions of the tire not designed to touch the ground. An overinflated tire is going to create less surface area that touches, which puts more wear on the middle of the tire. All you should do is monitor your tire pressure occasionally, and make it a habit to check while you are getting gas for your vehicle. 

Check For Damage

You may have tire damage and not even realize it. For example, running over a nail can actually cause the tire to remain inflated for a while, but slowly release air over time. Catching damage early on means that you can actually fix the problem and prevent the need to buy a whole new tire. That nail hole can easily be plugged and allow you to keep driving without issues.

If you have not been caring for your tires, then it is time to get new ones for your vehicle. Use these tips when you have that fresh start with new tires so that you get the most miles out of them that you can. Talk to a tire dealer today for more information.