About Transmission Problems

The transmission is one of the parts of your car that you need to stay on top of with routine maintenance. Just as you have to make sure you have enough water and oil in the car, you also need to check the other fluids, and this includes the transmission fluid. Also, you are going to want to follow the manufacturer's suggestion when it comes to taking your car into the shop to have the transmission fluid changed. Plus, you are also going to need to know what to watch for regarding possible transmission problems. If you think you are noticing some things in your car that may indicate transmission problems, you can't put off taking it in to have it looked at and repaired, or things can quickly get much worse. Here are some things to watch for.

The car doesn't want to switch gears

If you begin to notice that your car doesn't want to switch gears, then this is more than likely a transmission problem. It is also a problem that can get worse fast, so acting quickly is important. If you are lucky, the issue can be low transmission fluid, so you can check this for yourself. However, if the transmission fluid isn't low, then you should get your car into the shop before you keep driving it. 

The car makes strange noises in neutral

If you notice that your car is suddenly sounding strange when you have it in neutral, then this can also be a sign that the car may be having issues with its transmission. This can happen due to mechanical wear, and the car may need to have a part replaced. However, there is also the chance that the problem may be that your car really needs to have the transmission fluid that is in it replaced with new, clean transmission fluid. 

The car is leaking transmission fluid

A sure way for you to know that there is a problem with your transmission that you need to have fixed right away is if you find that it is leaking transmission fluid. You will know it is transmission fluid if there is red fluid underneath your car when you move it. As soon as you find this fluid underneath your car, you need to get the car into the auto shop right away and make sure you don't drive it until it is fixed.

To learn more, contact a shop that offers transmission services.