What Kind Of Auto Repairs Should I Not Perform Myself?

Even for the most experienced shade-tree mechanic, there are some auto repairs that are either too nuanced or too dangerous to perform without the right equipment and training. It can be hard to determine when you should call a professional — before you're standing in the middle of a job that is completely overwhelming, at least — so here are some circumstances that definitely warrant an expert's touch.

1. Timing Belt

It's not that the timing belt is especially hard to change as much as it is that it's nearly impossible to get to. Depending on the type of vehicle, you may have to disassemble half the engine before you actually get to the belt itself. Take into account that and the fact that the timing belt is one of the most underrated yet important parts to keep the car on the road, and it's understandable why you should take your car to an auto repair shop for this job.

2. Windshield

While cracks in windshields can be fixed on their own, others need to be replaced completely, and that's a job that is very easy to get wrong. It's not just the glass either; after it's installed, you still need to put the right trim on it to keep it from leaking water into your cabin. The price to replace your windshield can vary from a few hundred bucks to nearly a thousand, but the cost of doing it improperly yourself can create repair bills that are far beyond that.

3. Transmission 

If you've ever stared into the front end of a car, you've most likely been met with an array of pipes, hoses, and other electrical whatchamacallits that make very little sense to the average car owner. Buried in there somewhere is the transmission, a veritable maze of gears and rods that are essential to your car's operation yet extremely difficult (not to mention heavy) to get to. No doubt about it, transmission replacement will be one of the most expensive fixes you can have on your car, but despite the cost, it's well worth it to have a professional auto repair shop handle it.

4. Airbags

Beyond getting your car on the road, airbags are essential for one reason: safety. If installed improperly, even a minor collision can deploy the airbag and can cause serious injuries. While it's not technically illegal to replace an airbag in your car (unless it voids the warranty), it's still better to have someone who knows how to remove the old airbag and fit a new one do it. If nothing else, you'll sleep better at night knowing that it was installed by a professional. 

Contact an auto repair shop for more information.