3 Factors That Impact Whether A Tire Repair Is Advisable

Have you ever had a flat tire on your vehicle? If so, you may have relied on a repair shop to fix the affected tire. Perhaps this is a recent event, and you have the damaged tire in your trunk while temporarily driving on a spare tire. You may wonder if you will need to purchase a new tire. A tire repair could fix the damaged tire and save you the expense of buying a new one. The following points will help you understand the likelihood of a tire repair benefiting you.

Location of Damage

Some car owners get disgruntled when they discover that they have damaged new tires. This is because new tires are vehicle investments. Unfortunately, the location of the damage to the affected car tires will determine whether tire repairs are possible.

Some individuals mistakenly think punctures cannot get repaired. This is false. Some punctures are repairable. Punctures within the tread of tires may safely get repaired depending on the measurement of the punctures. However, punctures that occur on the shoulder or sidewall of vehicles pose safety risks if patched. Even if the tire repairs are performed, the tires could blow out and cause a major accident. Tire repair shop mechanics can determine whether repair is feasible in your case.

Multiple Damages

Sometimes tires may sustain multiple damages. Car owners may assume that they will need to buy new tires due to multiple punctures. The appropriate recommendation to repair or replace will still focus on where the punctures are located. Multiple punctures in the tread lines can get repaired as long as the punctures are not too close to each other.

Prior Tire Repair

If you take your tire to a tire shop, the technicians will inspect the tire. They will look to see if the tire has a prior repair history. Some tire shops may discourage patching or plugging tires that have already had the service performed in the past. Doing so could pose a safety issue. However, several things, such as the location and extent of damages, can determine whether a safe tire repair is possible.

Sometimes inevitably, tires need to get replaced. However, salvaging a tire that needs minor attention to ensure safety makes sense, especially if the condition of the tire is otherwise good. Tire repairs not only save you money but also help the environment by keeping tires out of landfills that still accept them as waste.

A tire repair shop is a good resource to use to determine whether it is sensible to opt for a tire repair. If your mechanic identifies risks, ask them to explain why they advise against repairs, and then act with safety as your priority.