2 Things Your Car’s Brake Pedal Can Tell You About Your Brakes

While you are driving, the ability of your brakes to stop your car is just as important as the engine's ability to make it go. However, sometimes it can be difficult to pick up on problems with your brakes until you notice increased difficulty with slowing down and stopping. Fortunately, there are a couple of things your brake pedal can tell you about the condition of your braking system that can alert you to potentially serious issues.

1. Low and/or Leaking Brake Fluid When Pedal Goes Down Too Easy

One thing the feel of your brake pedal can tell you about the condition of the system is the level of the brake fluid. This fluid is responsible for creating the proper amount of pressure within the brake lines so that when you push down on the pedal, the brakes are engaged.

Normally, when you step on your brake pedal, it should feel firm with steady resistance as it goes down. The pedal should also not go all the way to the floor before slowing down and stopping the vehicle.

However, if you notice that the pedal feels spongy with very little resistance, or if the pedal goes to the floor when you apply moderate pressure with your foot, this is often a sign that the brake fluid is low. Because the braking system is a closed system, low fluid usually indicates a leak. A brake technician can help determine where the leak is located and what needs to be done to fix it.

2. Damaged or Warped Brake Discs When Strong Vibrations Are Felt

Another problem that the sensations caused by your brake pedal can alert you to is damaged or warped brake discs. Usually, you may feel slight vibrations from the brake pedal that are normally felt throughout the vehicle while the motor is running.

However, if the vibrations become stronger and make the brake pedal shake while you are stepping on it, the brake pads and calipers are no longer rubbing on smooth and even discs. If the problem continues without being fixed, the discs will wear down severely, and the pads and calipers will become damaged.

When your brake pedal starts to feel different, there is most likely an issue with your brakes that should be brought to the attention of a professional as soon as possible. Take your car to a brake repair service to have a technician inspect the braking system and make the necessary repairs so that you can get safely back on the road.

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